Need some suggestion to start over again.

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Hi everybody,
I was on BTG an year ago. Trying not so hard like others to be honest at that time. Then realised that I was not ready for MBA yet, and stopped all of a sudden which I think was a really bad move. I should have given GMAT a try. Should have taken the exam at least once, which I did not. I did not have the guts to attend the exam. Joined Masters in Science in Textiles in UOL, Leeds UK, which I am finishing this September. I will be getting back to my textile business back in India, and planning to take an MBA in the future. So thought I will start preparing from right now.

GMAT has changed and I don't know how much has it changed yet. This is the first post after a long time and honestly don't know where to start. I humbly request all your help in getting myself back on track with the new GMAT. Thank you all. I hope I will have the great support which I had last year. Thank you all. :)
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by AbhiJ » Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:41 am