need help..!please guide me.

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need help..!please guide me.

by ramana » Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:43 am

i took my Gmat on april 12

GMAT:620 (Q46 V29)
Work exp:8 months in a IT company

I looking for adminssions in institutes like Insead,iese,HEC Paris,Esade and Melbourne business school.

Can i apply for these institutes with the profile i have?
or do i need to give my gmat again and wait for some time?

Can you suggest me other good business schools in europe.?



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by Eliot » Wed Apr 29, 2009 2:55 pm

Thanks for your note. You mentioned that you have a 3.2 college gpa, a 620 gmat and only 8 months of work experience.

In order to be competitive at European business schools, I encourage you to bolster your academics and your work experience.

1) You should retake the GMAT and aim for a 680+ score

2) I encourage you to complete at least another year (or two) of work experience before you apply - this will provide you time to build up your leadership at work and it will give you the time to address your academics.

3) You should consider building an alternate transcript to offset your 3.2 gpa. Ideally you would take an accounting course and a statistics course if you have not done so already. You might consider taking a distance learning course if you don't live near a university.

In conclusion, I suggest that you spend the next year gaining work experience and improving your academic record in order to be more competitive at top MBA programs in Europe. I don't think that you should feel compelled to apply this year.


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