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Need help on answering these interview questions

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The following questions can be helpful to anyone and not just to me. Hence, I request the experts, consultants and students who have given the interviews to pitch in. The inputs can be generic such as how do I prepare for a response that makes sense and validates who I am (I mean it shouldn't mean something else contrary to what I have portrayed about myself in the application).

1. "Who is your role model and why?"
2. "How do you define integrity? Give an instance when you had to go against/stick to your integrity and why?"
3. "What other schools are you applying?"
4. "Any questions you want to ask?"

I would also like to know how to make the interview feel like a conversation for both the parties. On that note,
1. How often I can ask questions during the interview?
2. Or, should I restrict to the window when I am asked to ask questions?
3. If 1 is okay, then should my questions only be follow up/related to what I was asked or can I ask anything or add fillers to make it appear like a conversation?

I may sound silly but it will help me and others who are preparing for interviews :)

Thank you!

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Hi there,
We'll try to answer most of your questions :)

For your first 2 questions, there is no right answer. Be prepared to answer them in a way that make you look like an intersting and serious candidate, who is passionate about his industry and about the school.

"What other schools are you applying?" - it is recommended to mention 2 other schools that are in the same sphere as the program you are applying to.

"Any questions you want to ask?" - ask questions about things you are interested in (the school, the program, courses, job offers...), but not questions that can be easily answered by looking at the school website! (it will make you look like you haven't done your research). Try to think of some intelligent questions in advance.

Regarding making the interview feel like a conversation - the tone of the interview is set by the interviewer. Some interviewers are very formal and go through the list of questions they have, while others will conduct the interview in a more pleasant way and make you feel comfortable. You need to understand which tone the interviewer is setting and just follow his lead.
The part where you ask your questions will probably come at the end of the interview. Wait for the interviewer to ask if you have any questions for him, and only then ask your questions.

For more interview tips, please visit this page. Good luck!
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