My goals have changed!!

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My goals have changed!!

by luiscarlos59 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:56 pm
Hi everyone, I had in my plans to get a full-time MBA because my goal was to change job/career. Suddenly my life changed as I got promoted in the company where I work and got a managerial position which taking into consideration the unemployment rates in my country is a very good opportunity just to leave it for an MBA. Also I think that even I did an MBA after graduating this would be the kind of job or position I would probably get. So in summary I got the position or level I would expect when graduating from a full-time MBA. But still I want to get an MBA in the US.
My problem is that:
a)I work in Mexico
b)my work experience is just 6 years and my age is 29
So after looking the candidates profiles of the executives MBAs found that Im not in the avg of work experience or age. And I dont want to wait 3 more years to be a candidate, I want an MBA now.

Can anyone help me with options of top Bschools that offer online/part time MBAs , I dont want a 100% online course, I can travel maybe once every 2 months to the university.

I found the Duke Cross Continent MBA , but I want to know other options like this where my profile can match.

My plan is to stay at the company and increase my knowledge.


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by essaysnark » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:59 pm
luiscarlos59 - CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION!!! It's a little ironic, right? That you now have the job that you were planning to work X more years towards? Very cool, you must be doing something right! (Reminds us of someone we worked with last year: ... -the-goal/ )

Now, this person we knew before has decided to forego the MBA for now -- but if you're still interested in one, YES there are lots of options!

You already discovered the one we'd suggest to you first - the Cross-Continent MBA is ideal for someone who wants to keep their job yet have a very internationally-flavored program at the same time. It's the first one we thought of when we read your post.

The other bschool that is innovating in the online space is UNC Kenan-Flagler with their MBA@UNC program:

In terms of a P/T program with an online component: The UCLA Fully-Employed MBA now has a hybrid option called FEMBA Flex:

You're right that most traditional Executive MBA programs are for more senior execs - but many of these programs are loosening their entry requirements and the lines between EMBA and regular F/T MBA are blurring. So some EMBA programs may actually be open to getting an app from you - it sounds like you're quite accomplished for your age. One you might consider would be the Kellogg EMBA in Miami. It's designed specifically for LatAm students and it has a flexible once-a-month schedule that might work for you. Here's a link to the Miama part of their website: ... Miami.aspx

We often talk about different MBA opportunities on our blahg at - if you have specific questions we're happy to help out! The bottom line is that there are LOTS of choices out there, and many of these programs have excellent offerings for unique cases like yours. It sounds like you'd be bringing a lot to the MBA classroom (whether in-person or online) and the schools would be lucky to have you! Good luck in your research and Hope this helps!
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