My experience with Admissions Gateway!

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My experience with Admissions Gateway!

by PhoenixDave » Mon May 14, 2018 6:06 pm
As an engineer with experience in tech MNCs and startups for nearly six years, I was on the older end of the spectrum of candidates from India that apply to business schools. My other big challenge was that I decided close to end of November that I wanted to give the Business School route one last shot, which only prompted eligibility for R2 and gave me only one month to put together a serious application.
Additionally, this was my second attempt at the b-school application process. I had applied to a variety of schools (5+) three years ago - without much research on schools, compatibility or even proper introspection. I had sought help from friends and undergrad seniors but their time and energy were limited. Hence, for this iteration of applications, I decided to get some third party, expert opinion. A college senior and current a Kellogg student recommended Admissions Gateway. 
 From the start of our association, during the resume development process, school selection and goal-setting, I had upfront, honest and very critical inputs from my AG Counsellor. She helped me maximize my time, effort and brainstormed goals and schools that fit best with my long term aspirations. To concentrate best with time available at hand, I choose Booth Kellogg and Ross for my R2 applications, avoiding adding another top-5 school.  
AG encouraged me to invest an extended number of hours in understanding my experiences and stories. AG helped me identify and encouraged me to speak with a number of alumni, and current students to understand each school, courses, and offerings in great detail which also made me realize what I love about the schools that I am applying to. Admissions Gateway truly understands the Indian demographic at Business Schools very well and also the typical challenges that we face. 
Through the resume building exercise she helped me uncover key experiences and helped me introspect on the outcomes. During the goal-setting exercise, I was led to uncover the key skills gathered from working in semi-conductor design, product marketing and product development in startups as well as a myriad of extracurricular and special interests from high-school till date. This exercise helped me identify a very unique post-MBA role and industry that was an ideal mix of my passions and my skills.
The goal setting and school selection was perhaps the best advice I got from AG.  This entire process (resume building school selection in accordance with my long-term aspirations), digging deeper insights from my accomplishments and my personal motivations, ultimately helped me put my best candidacy forward, highlighting some of my larger stories and narratives that brought out my strengths beautifully. The team at AG was deeply committed to putting together my best possible shot at these schools - be it late nights, weekends or early mornings - I had support from my counselor.  What helped me the most was my counselor's regular availability for all my doubts and questions and the psychological support she provided through the journey to make it stress-free and enjoyable. 
I had support from AG until the last hour and I successfully submitted applications to Ross, Kellogg, and Booth in such a short span. I got waitlisted at Ross after an interview and got accepted at Booth in R2. I am thrilled to start my journey and grateful to AG to have guided me through the process and I highly recommend their services especially for candidates applyng to top 10 - their counseling team comprises of graduates from top 10 as well and they understand the schools and can help present your stories in the best possible formats.

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Re: My experience with Admissions Gateway!

by Oktava » Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:38 am
A college senior and current a Kellogg student recommended Admissions Gateway.

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