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Thanks for visiting Beat The GMAT!  We hope you'll settle in and leverage our community of applicants, MBA students, test prep tutors, and admissions consultants throughout your MBA application process. Here's some info to get you started:

What is Beat The GMAT?

Beat The GMAT is an online community focused on GMAT and MBA prep.  The website brings together applicants, MBA students, and test prep/admissions experts to share knowledge about the business school process.  The site is most known for:

This website has helped thousands of people in their business school journey.  Our community really wants to help you too.  Join us.

How can I use Beat The GMAT to improve my GMAT score?

You can improve your GMAT score by leveraging several free resources available on Beat The GMAT:

  • The Community - You can always ask your GMAT questions in the Beat The GMAT community.  Get advice from other students and GMAT experts.  Most questions get answered within a few hours
  • Articles – Beat The GMAT works with the world’s top GMAT experts to provide free GMAT articles and videos to our community
  • Beat The GMAT Practice Questions - for high quality practice with full video explanations
  • Free GMAT/MBA Resources Directory – We’ve compiled one of the largest directories of free online GMAT and MBA prep resources
  • Book Recommendations – We’ve narrowed down the best GMAT prep books for you already
  • GMAT Flashcards – These free GMAT prep flashcards have been downloaded over 100,000 times

How can I use Beat The GMAT to help my MBA admissions?

  • The Community – Talk to other applicants, admissions experts, and current students in the Beat The GMAT community.  You don’t have to go through the admissions process by yourself!
  • Talk to MBA Admissions Experts – Get free advice from the world’s top MBA admissions consultants in the discussion community
  • Read MBA Articles – Read articles and listen to podcasts by the top MBA admissions consultants

How do I get started?

Register a free account and join the party!

Just starting your GMAT prep?

Improve your GMAT score by doing the following five steps.

  • Figure out whether you need a GMAT course or can do self study. Get familiar with the GMAT by reading an intro to the test. Go to and download the free GMATPrep Practice GMAT Software.  Take the first practice test in one sitting, and see how you perform.  If you are near your target GMAT score, then self prep may be the best option.  If you need lots of improvement, then think about a GMAT course
  • Get a study plan. Put together a study plan by referencing the resources available on the Useful GMAT and MBA Links page.  Take a look at some of the examples of study plans, especially the one featured on the Beat The GMAT Study Blog.  For inspiration as well as useful tips, read through the successful GMAT test debriefings on the I just Beat The GMAT forum.  Figure out which books you will need to purchase for your prep by visiting the Book Recommendations section
  • Leverage Beat The GMAT as you prep. As you prepare for the GMAT, read the expert-written GMAT and MBA articles available on Beat The GMAT.  Interact with these experts as well as our huge and friendly GMAT/MBA community on the forums.  Register an account to post your questions in the GMAT forums. Familiarize yourself with online prep using the Beat The GMAT Practice Questions.
  • Use the free GMAT Flashcards. Download the free GMAT Flashcards created by Beat The GMAT, and make your own prep flashcards!
  • Kick ass on test day. Take your GMAT and succeed!  Share your GMAT story with the community in the I just Beat The GMAT forum, and continue to support other community members through their own GMAT journeys

Just starting your MBA applications?

Get into your dream school by doing the following five steps.

  • Research your target schools on MBA Watch.  Visit MBA Watch and check out the applicant statistics, events, and live applicant discussion for the schools you will be applying to
  • Get free professional advice. Get free advice from MBA admissions consultants on Beat The GMAT.  Ask these experts and the community for advice on how to select the right schools and how to position yourself in your applications
  • Leverage Beat The GMAT as you apply. Read the expert articles on MBA admissions.  Interact with the community to get advice and support as you research MBA programs and write your applications.  Learn more about individual MBA programs by speaking directly to current students
  • Figure out a good story for your essays and recommendations. Write your essays and gather your recommendations, keeping in mind the story that you wish to tell to admissions committees.  If needed, think about hiring an admissions consultant for advice
  • Get accepted! Get accepted to school!  Share your admissions story with the community in the Admissions Success Stories forum, and continue to suppor other community members through their own admissions journeys