Brent Hanneson

GMAT Prep Now - GMAT Instructor
Brent Hanneson  Beat The Gmat

Most of Brent’s working life has been in the field of education. He loves teaching and it shows. In particular, he enjoys the creative and problem-solving aspects of presenting complex material in a manner that is most accessible to students.

After completing university, Brent taught high school mathematics to diverse student populations. Later, Brent entered the world of test preparation and began teaching GMAT, GRE and LSAT preparation courses for Veritas Prep, the Renert Center of Calgary, and the University of British Columbia.

In addition to teaching the GMAT, Brent created a comprehensive GMAT preparation courseware package that the University of British Columbia not only uses in its own GMAT preparation courses, but also licenses to other universities.

Most recently, Brent applied his 23+ years of teaching experience to create the 504 videos that comprise the GMAT Prep Now course. These videos feature proven strategies that help you develop the skills required to confidently tackle the GMAT and score higher.

In his spare time, Brent enjoys playing most sports, traveling and spending time with his wife and family.