Exit Interview: Hari Graduates from IESE

by Beat The GMAT, Jun 24, 2012


In this exit interview, I sit down with Hari (username: hk) to learn about his last two years as an MBA student at IESE. Hari shares many insights about the school, student life, job placement, and much more.

Here are some of the topics touched in this interview:

  • Hari's attraction to IESE as an applicant
  • Impressions of Spain, what it's like being there during these tough economic times
  • The difference in lifestyle between the first year and second year at IESE
  • What it's like to be married as a full-time MBA student
  • Paying for an MBA eduation
  • Post-career prospects upon graduating from IESE

This is a great exit interview, I hope you enjoy it!