The 10 Best GMAT Stories of 2011 – Number 1:

by on December 31st, 2011

This article is part of a 10-part series where we will be highlighting the most popular GMAT stories of 2011 from the Beat The GMAT community, in countdown fashion.

Our most popular story of the year has to be the one written by eternal_optimist. Such a smashing username eventually paid off, since eternal_optimist eventually scored a 740 after 3 years of struggling with the test and an initial score in the mid-500s.

His post, 3 yrs,4 attempts-Finally 740: The story of my metamorphosis really made an impact on everyone who read it this year. Our favorite excerpts:

I was sick of mourning over my debacles, and I didn’t want to meet or hang out with anybody for that would mean uneasy conversation. Bored and clueless, I just happened to come across a movie “Coach Carter” on my computer. Not that I was excited to watch it but I was just looking for an escape. Though it was an another of those “Underdog turns hero” ilk of movies, but there was something about it which I could really assosciate with. As I watched the movie, something inside me was churning.

…Don’t EVER give up: Sometimes it’ll get difficult and embarrassing to face people. Your self esteem may hit the nadir. But remember that you CAN and you WILL make it.

Congratulations, eternal_optimist! We wish you all the best! For all of you still struggling with the test, don’t forget to check out the full post here: 3 yrs,4 attempts-Finally 740: The story of my metamorphosis


  • It is always very easy to say that he did hard for three years and finally he got this victory. But three years is very long time to keep the momentum. The author should give us little more in depth of his feeling during those difficult time. So that it will be helpful for others how to not lose the momentum during the difficult times. All most all us want to rise above and bounce back during the difficult times in all our life but only a few finally does not and others just surrender to the situation.

    Thank you
    Rangarajan Rajendiran

  • Great!

  • Great. Seeing a movie and getting motivation and finally success after 3years. 

    Boss, You have maintained consistency here to get to your mark, which is really good.
    But I just want to know the transformation from a slumdog to a millionaire. Just try to tell us what made you to be consistent. Is that the interest or just you wanted to score it and you scored. How was your level of thinking before and how it is now?

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