The 10 Best GMAT Stories of 2010 – Number 9

by Beat The GMAT, Dec 21, 2010

Countdown - Nine!This article is part of a 10-part series where I will be highlighting the most popular GMAT debriefings of 2010 from the Beat The GMAT community, in countdown fashion.

The ninth most popular GMAT story this year was written by indiantiger: Tiger has roared (620 -> 700). indiantiger made a very impressive 80 score improvement in his GMAT retake. In his second round of studies, he also didn't sacrifice his personal life as before:

Couple of things that I decided that I would do in the second attempt that I avoided in first

- Go out with friends.

- Watch all good movies.

- Develop some kind of sports activity, I started running and played tennis, racquetball.

A great story of redemption. Click here to read: Tiger has roared (620 -> 700)