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MBA and GMAT: My journey through the unknown

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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Hello everyone.
I am Prashant. I attempted GMAT in the month of July last year, majorly in the hopes of joining the Indian School of Business.
Over the course of my preparation, I dedicated myself into understanding every aspect of GMAT, going through every book, question bank and mock test I could get my hands on.

Although my efforts paid out and helped me score a 760 in my first attempt, I realized how difficult and confusing this experience could be for any MBA aspirant. Especially during the initial phase of preparation, where there is so much information and guidance out there, and yet no one has any clue what to do with it. I was fortunate enough to have a mentor, a senior colleague who has already cracked the exam with a 720. Through the course of my preparation, he was not only guided me through all the challenges and confusion that come along with the GMAT but also was the primary source of inspiration that pushed me to do better.

Even though the GMAT felt conquered, I was faced with a new challenge of completing my application. My mentor, now my "GMAT Guru" stepped in selflessly to assist me with essay reviews and mock interviews. Although our work schedules didn't let us meet as frequently as I wished, I soon realized that they were just enough to help me without making me too dependent on him. Eventually, when I was admitted to the program. In retrospect, if I had to choose a single most important factor for my success through the whole process, I don't think any book, any mock or any material could ever beat his efforts and trust in me.

Inspired by this expereince, I started The GMAT 700 Club, an MBA mentoring program consisting of GMAT 700+ scoring MBA students that are passionate about guiding GMAT Aspirants through all this clutter, so they do not have to face the difficulties we did during my prep. As a part of my approach, we conduct weekly/bi-weekly GMAT Prep Sessions with each individual student and suggest a study plan according to their progress and availability. The material and assignments will get more challenging as your understanding of the GMAT improves over time. This will continue to the point you are confident about your ability to act the test.

Although, this prep strategy is much more challenging since it requires a much more serious commitment towards a rigorous schedule from the test taker, I strongly believe this is absolutely the best way to approach GMAT Prep.

I would love to hear about what you think about my experience. Our "club" is constantly looking for mentors who are willing to help GMAT aspirants achieve their MBA goals. If you are interested in the program please feel free to reach out to me through direct message or Whatsapp me on +918850238826.

Best of luck!
Senior Mentor, The GMAT700 Club
Email me at: thegmat700club@gmail.com
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