MBA Admissions: Tips for International Students

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A large number of MBA students across the globe intend to pursue their degree outside their home country. Are you thinking of studying abroad? The United States, Europe and Canada are home to many of the world's top-ranked business schools. Consider these tips if you're hoping to make one of them your degree destination.

Create your short list
You'll want to spend some time researching schools in your target country to find the ideal one for you. Some questions to address:
  • *What specific kind of program are you looking to attend? Which schools rank highest for that program?
  • *What type of school would you like to attend? Big? Small? Public? Private?
  • *Where would you like to be? Somewhat close to home? All the way across the world? Big city? Small college town? Warm climate?
  • *Do you want to be among a large international student population? Some schools have a higher percentage of graduate students from other countries.
  • *What are the financial implications? Consider travel and visa costs, as well as differences in tuition and cost of living.
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