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MBA Admission Tips: When Weakness is Your Strength

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When it comes to MBA admissions, many candidates fail because their focus is on appearing professional, impeccable, beyond reproach, and presenting a strong “face.” The secret to success lies not in your strengths, but in your weaknesses.

The admissions committee reads a zillion billion essays and recommendations about people accomplishing things, and yes, that is part of the picture.

However, focusing only on your accomplishments does not make you appear coachable, self-aware, or a good team member.

But business school means a businesslike approach to the process, right?

Quite the opposite!

The best way to separate yourself is to make a heartfelt connection with adcom. How do you do this? Owning your weaknesses and who you really are rather than your surface professional self. It is particularly important to do this.

You cannot really stand apart from the pack until you interrupt the narrative a bit with something unpredictable.

The way to get their attention is to give them something unexpected. And being genuine, authentic, and transparent is unexpected.

It will make you memorable and help you win the game of MBA applications.
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Farrell Dyan
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"You don't often come across people who are as perceptive and also genuinely empathetic." - EM. NYC