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LSE Graduate Recruitment

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LSE Graduate Recruitment

by Ubermotivated » Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:54 am

I am a Canadian who will be attending LSE MSc Accounting & Finance in September. Given my background, I do not know too much about the recruiting scene in Europe/UK, and would appreciate some advice from all you experts.

My goal is to land a BB IBD (London/HK) internship for summer 2018, one that I can hopefully convert into FT.
1. I have a 3.7 (First-class?) in Finance from a top Canadian undergraduate b-school
2. Internships in wealth management and IBD, and doing an S&T internship this summer at the derivatives trading desk of a large global futures exchange.
3. Great leadership roles in school societies along with a summer working at an NGO in South America
4. Fluent in 4 languages

Looking at my profile, how are my chances of landing interviews for London and Hong Kong offices from LSE? I heard networking is less effective than it is in North America, so I assume grades and experiences are the deciding factors?

Thanks in advance!