LOR evaluation

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LOR evaluation

by garvitbh11 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:55 pm
Hi, Please evaluate, comment and shoot suggestions for my LOR from an NGO. I am applying for MS Finance program in the US. Thank you in advance.

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Garvit Bhardwaj to _____ program at _____university. He is one of the major volunteers working in the HOPE AND BEYOND Trust since February 2015. Owing to his interest in the conservation field and zeal for social change, he has been an active and key participant in activities annually such as Bird treatment camps and Snake rescues, Education awareness project- Koshish, Leopard conservation project- Pardus, Project Pangolin and many more. He was also a part of the managing committee for Wildlife Conservation Camp held at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan (2017) and has successfully managed every activity of the camp, demonstrating good coordination and team management.

Working for raising funds and accounts maintenance for the trust, he showed himself as a responsible, hardworking and good with numbers, and punctual person. His steady academic background, outstanding personal qualities, and experience allow him to contribute, share his ideas and original approach to different issues.

In sum, I can say that Mr. GARVIT BHARDWAJ exhibit excellent leadership qualities, exceptional team player and initiative. I strongly recommend his candidacy for admission to the MS Program.
Team HOPE wishes him all the very best for his future endeavors.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information in respect of my recommendation.