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Kellogg, Booth, INSEAD,Tuck admit: Admissions Gateway Review

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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I am an IIT graduate working in healthcare and aimed to apply to the top 7-8 schools. I was looking to apply to b-school to switch into management consulting.
When I started with MBA apps there was a huge amount of confusion in my mind with the number of choices/ decisions/ information so I decided to work with a consultant and I thought this would also help me get into a process and adhere to timelines better. I wanted to work with a top notch MBA consulting firm which had proven results. I saw a lot of foreign consultants charge exorbitantly with very variable results. My friends at Harvard and Wharton recommended Admissions Gateway. I heard positive reviews and the cost was more within my budget so after an initial chat I signed on.

In Round 1, I applied to Wharton, Kellogg and Tuck. A lot of time went into understanding my work at a more strategic level and then we framed the resume. This whole process actually helped me understand better the criticality of what I was doing and the impact it was leading too. This helped in my essays as I was able to tell Macro stories with more width and delve deeper into aspects that showcased both my achievements and my approach to my work. It was a research based process with a lot of reading, talking to students and delving deeper into each aspect until I could 'own' that aspect. For e.g. what I wanted from a particular class or what I would do on a global experiential program. Interview preparation was very structure and one advice I found useful was that to first learn everything then detox an become more conversational being full confident that I knew everything vs. not being prepared because that would be too structured.

In round 1 I was WL at Kellogg and gained admission to Tuck. I want to apply to a few more top-5 and Admissions Gateway went beyond the agreed roles and helped me to apply to additional schools INSEAD, Harvard and Booth. In R2 it is easier and I feel like having an Ivy league admit also gives one a confidence boost and at that time you know you are going to business school so while you are looking to improve the pressure is off.

I gained admission to Booth but Kellogg was my first choice so Rajdeep helped me navigate the waitlist with respect to being top of mind, sharing my success with ad comm and sending in updates. I finally got admitted to Kellogg, Booth, Tuck & INSEAD (no scholarships).