Just beaten....620(Q48V27)

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Just beaten....620(Q48V27)

by mylou7 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:38 am
Hi guys,
Yesterday i finally took the GMAT after preparing for about two months. My test record is

GMATPrep1 590 V29 Q42
Princeton Review1 650 V31 Q50
GMATPrep 2 680 V32 Q50
Kaplan GMAT 1 590 V29 Q40
Kaplan GMAT 2 560 V24 Q42
GMATPrep 2 620 V28 Q47
Kaplan GMAT 3 690 V29 Q51
GMATPrep 1 730 V41 Q49
Manhattan GMAT free 640 V33 Q44

The real test score was a disapointing 620(Q48 V27). I will take the test again in one month. Obviously my problem is the Verbal section. What "verbal" books or other free resources would you suggest for improvement? I used Kaplan, Princeton and OG12.
Do you think that i must also take the Manhattan online CATs or should i stick with Princeton,Kaplan and GMAT Prep?
My target schools are Bocconi and Instituto de Empressa. What is a decent score for applying in round 3?