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Hello Future Leader,

I am Shantanu, INSEAD 17D, director of MBA and Beyond Consulting. I noticed you shared interest in applying at INSEAD and looking for profile evaluation. We are providing free Profile Evaluation. It is based on looking at current INSEAD admits. Being an INSEADer, I have information on students profiles as soon as they get admitted. I can help you understand what INSEAD likes and where does your profile stand. Schedule a Free Session for Profile Evaluation.

Who am I? I am an INSIDER on INSEAD. We connect applicants to school as we take comments and reviews from multiple INSEAD students on applications, providing you information on recent development at school, how your profile fits in with those developments and giving you an edge over others. For example: Do you know INSEAD has Silicon Valley Trek, where students meet entrepreneurs and investors. You might know about it but do you know which investors and entrepreneurs are those? Writing this in application would certainly blow the mind off of reviewer.

We provide consulting on Profile Evaluation, Essays, LORs, CV and Interviews. All this is done by current MBA students under supervision of Senior Application Consultant. This helps you to uniquely write essays about why MBA, why INSEAD, how can you contribute to learning community and other core topics.

Shantanu Sharma
MBA and Beyond Consulting