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I am planning to upgrade my professional qualifications

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My Name is Shilpesh Seth, currently working in the IT field for the last 5 years. I am a project lead. I want to move on the ladder quickly. I am planning to upgrade my professional qualifications to achieve career growth. I heard about PGDM executive course. Can anyone suggest me tips or recommend a course for me?

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Joined: 28 Jan 2020
It is a very common question among working professionals nowadays. As a working professional let me tell you my thoughts on your hurdles. Acquiring management studies play a vital role in today’s competitive world. To add a competitive edge students/professionals want to pursue a PGDM degree which is seen as critical to success.
Though it is widely accepted that pursuing an MBA course right after your college is preferred the mindset of corporate India is fast evolving.
Every career-focused professional is seeking to develop essential skills and upgrade critical capabilities for progression in his job.
I have listed just four reasons how the PGDM- Executive course will lead you to your goal. Yet for an aspiring executive like you, there are many reasons to get this specialized training from a reputed institute.
• This course emphasizes leadership.
• It further trains you to make strategic decisions that will impact business development and progress.
• This is a rewarding program especially for the IT professionals who want to shift from IT and get exposure in management.
• The course gives every aspirant the confidence to handle managerial responsibilities instilling key business disciplines to take vital decisions.
An ideal course for today’s ambitious professional, PGDM-Executive will not just sharpen the critical abilities but also lead you to soar greater heights in your domain.

To more know more about this program visit here: https://bit.ly/2U2nckY