How TTP took me from 545 to a 715 GMAT Focus

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I first began my GMAT Focus exam journey in late January 2024 with a practice test that yielded starkly unsatisfying results. I didn't dwell on the results, but they echoed something like 545. Over the next four months, I took progressive steps to attain a score of 715 (99th percentile), with breakdowns for QR/VR/DI being (85/87/85) or 89/99/99th percentiles.

I was able to make such a drastic improvement because of a course a friend referred me to, Target Test Prep. I wasn't sold that this platform could have mastered an offering for the GMAT Focus at first, with its rollout having been so recent, but I decided to take the free trial and see what the course had to offer. As an Applied Math major in school and traditionally a very quantitative person I originally thought I didn't need extra help for the quant section. After just a few days, it was apparent that the course had an incredible amount of material that taught strategies in ways I could never have conceptualized. These unique approaches I had never taken even as somebody who studied Applied Math ultimately made the difference in my score.

I extended my membership in the course by two months and spent that time learning the different types of problems I might face. I made my first GMAT attempt 3 months after I began studying, and scored a 655, equivalent to roughly a 710 on the old GMAT. I was happy with this score but thought that I could do better. Target Test Prep had helped me with the rapid categorization of problems to lead to a solution, but I hadn't done enough practice problems to fully hone my execution.

For the month following my first GMAT Focus attempt, I reviewed the course materials and retook the tests Target Test Prep curated from questions I had gotten wrong. Through this specialized iterative process, I went in confidently to my second GMAT Focus attempt and landed a 99th percentile score. In the end, it is my full belief that I wouldn't have achieved this without the assistance of Target Test Prep and would highly recommend this course to anybody considering studying for the GMAT Focus.