Help Required !!

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Help Required !!

by aayush2012 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:30 am
I took my GMAT recently and probably have never been so depressed and helpless in my life. My score was 640 (50 Quant and 26 Verbal). I was completely shocked to see my verbal score as I was already getting verbal score in the range of 33-35 in the practice test. I was so depressed yesterday that I was feeling that this GMAT thing was beyond my scope and abilities. But, thanks to my flat-mate who motivated me a lot and even encouraged me by saying that it is the last roadblock between you and you beauilful career ahead after MBA.

I was preparing for GMAT for the past 6-7 months and this was my second attempt: 1st attempt : 600 (50 Quant and 22 Verbal) and AWA 5.5 . The GMAT is really important for me as wanted to start off next year with my MBA. But, given the circumstances that seems a distant reality now.

I have just one chance now that I give my GMAT after 2-3 months and score atleast 700 in it.

The problem is that I could not think as to why it happened. Even the questions I was facing this time around in exam was quite similar to the ones that I had in GMAT prep. I have to admit that I prepared very honestly for my second attempt for about 3-4 months. The material I completed was :

OG 12th ed. and verbal 2nd review
700-800 questions of both SC, CR and RC (37 passages)
I also attended a coaching institute and religiously followed their material too. I taken tests from Knewton and GMAT prep.

Please help me in suggesting what material should I follow and other strategies. The strategy is most important now because in my first attempt I was thinking that I had a bad day ! But, after my second attempt I realize that it was just not about a bad day, but I was seriously lacking something....the aptitude, knowledge etc.

Please reply as your suggetions may be helpful for me in achieving a 700 in GMAT that has become a sole aim of my life now for the time being.

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by shovan85 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:48 am
Have a look at this awesome debrief! ... 15958.html

Obviously you have no issues in Quant. Suggested books are there in the post. This member has mentioned all the Verbal books you need! Have a fresh start. Take a break!
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