HBS MBA - how to get in?

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HBS MBA - how to get in?

by [email protected] » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:28 am
What does it take to get into Harvard Business School MBA program?

Learn how to stand out as an MBA applicant with HBS 2018 MBA alum. Watch the full interview at Harvard Business School MBA Admissions - Admissions Roadmap

In this interview Siddharth will speak about: 
* culture of Harvard Business School - you must listen to this if you want to get into Harvard Business School
* uniqueness required for Indian applicants to get into Harvard Business School?
* life & career options as a Harvard Business School student
* advice for students applying to Harvard Business School

Our mission at Admissions Roadmap is to provide a roadmap to applicants to not only succeed in their MBA applications but also as a student at top global business schools.