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GMAT Experience - Looking for advice

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GMAT Experience - Looking for advice

So today I finally sat the GMAT after being all into it for almost 5 months.

My score was 660 Q45 V36 IR 7.

As I mentioned, my first mock test was about 5 months ago, and I scored something near 450 (no previous study nor any knowledge of the GMAT). After the first frustration I started my preparation using a Magoosh program + some Manhattan material as well as the 6 pack exams they offer.

A week or so later, I took the first GMAT prep exam and scored 590 Q42 V30 after that I focused myself on all the theory stuff for a while.

5 weeks later I started to take Manhattan exams in which I scored as follows:

--MGMAT 1: 620 Q40 V35
--MGMAT 2: 590 Q42 V31
--MGMAT 3: 610 Q44 V31
--MGMAT 4: 550 Q33 V33 (here I tried to put verbal first, total fail in terms of time management and concentration)

*then I took a 1 week break because I felt there was no improvement in my study. I was feeling too tired of having CATS every week, so I started to leave 2 weeks in between.

--MGMAT 5: 580 Q34 V35 (I totally failed time management again, I was having 700-800 questions but then skipped about 6)

--MGMAT 6: 670 Q46 V36 (I felt really good, but I missed a couple of questions because of time in both Quant and Verbal)

Then I went for the official preps exams, I repeated 1 and bought 3 and 4.

--GMATprep 1.1: 620 Q46 V30
--GMATprep 2: 640 Q44 V34

Here I got really frustrated about my performance and time management. I was consistently having 700-800 level questions but always ran out of time.

I reviewed my strategy and decided to follow a booklet path to keep track of the time during the exam. Also changed my too perfectionist approach and made myself to do some guessing and not to seek for the final answer.

--GMATprep 3: 710 Q49 V39 (I was thrilled, I thought that I finally had got where I was supposed to be)
--GMATprep 4: 650 Q44 V35 (this was 4 days before the exam, I was anxious and nervous)

*I must mention that I kept testing-like conditions for all the Mock tests

So, during the actual exam almost everything was as expected. I was quite nervous during Quant, but i managed to keep myself on track. However, the test center only provided me with two erasable sheets (instead of the Booklet). So, I was a little messy with the quant section, constantly erasing and setting the sheets cost me about 5 minutes. (I’m going to complain)

What I really want to ask here is: Should I retake the Gmat? was my 710 mock score somehow inflated?

I want to start an Msc Finance or a MFE in fall 2019.

I will provide some context about my profile:

-24 Years Old
-Undergrad in Industrial engineering
-GPA 3.7/5 (of the top University of my country).
-Internship in a local management consulting firm.
-currently doing an Specialty in Statistics (grades 4.5/5)
-GMAT 660 Q45 V36
-TOEFL 111
-1 year working as an Entrepreneur with my own small business in the oil palm sector (developing and selling microorganisms as mechanisms to control palm plagues) I started it as business plan during my undergrad dissertation. Also working with my family’s business.
-I got an award for the top score in the national undergraduate exams here in Colombia. (Everyone finishing university must take it)

I was hoping to get into a top business school for the 2019 intake: (Mfin or related)
-Manchester Business school

Do I have any chance to get into any of these programs with my current profile? should I work on something specific? any suggestion of other programs I should consider?

I would appreciate any suggestion or comment.

Thank you for taking the time to read it all.

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Your scores have been pretty inconsistent, with both quant & verbal fluctuating a lot. Given that, a 660 result is not surprising.

Inconsistency on quant almost always indicates CARELESS ERRORS or sloppy technique - sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. A lot of students brush off careless mistakes when focusing on what seem like larger content issues: "ugh, I wrote that 2 + 2 = 5. But that's not really an issue because I understand it. Let me focus on the hard stuff like probability!" This is a big mistake - it's actually getting the "little things" wrong on easier questions that drag down your score, not missing the really hard ones.

On the verbal side, inconsistency usually indicates that you don't have a consistent process, and you're just winging it: relying on your ear in SC, and not having a strategy for CR and RC.

Analyze your last CAT in depth, and start tracking your mistakes in an Error Log. Then, start looking for patterns in the kinds of mistakes you make. Here's how: https://www.manhattanprep.com/gmat/blog/2013/01/18/the-worst-mistake-you-can-make-in-gmat-studying/

And here are some other resources for building consistent technique / avoiding careless mistakes:

You also pointed out that timing was a problem. You'll have a hard time improving if you don't fix this! Here's how:

What I really want to ask here is: Should I retake the Gmat? was my 710 mock score somehow inflated?
Yes, you should retake it. In fact, almost everyone should take the test at least twice! https://www.manhattanprep.com/gmat/blog/heres-why-you-should-take-the-gmat-twice/
But first, work on your careless mistakes and you timing so that you can score *consistently* in the 700 range.

Good luck!


Ceilidh Erickson
Manhattan Prep GMAT & GRE instructor
EdM in Mind, Brain, and Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Manhattan Prep instructors all have 99th+ percentile scores and expert teaching experience.
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