GMAT 710 Q49 V37 IR5. Retake required?

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GMAT 710 Q49 V37 IR5. Retake required?

by niks2492 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:57 pm

I have just given my first attempt of GMAT (after giving 3 mocks with scores 570, 640 & 650) and secured following scores
Total 710

I am a production engineer from University of Mumbai with 3+ years of workex. No year gaps in my studies and earlier results as under.

10th - 82%
12th - 77%
B.E - 76% (10th rank in university of mumbai)

My work experience is relevant to my field of engineering and I work as a design and planning engineer in a Tata enterprise.

Also, I have done couple of design related certification courses and am also a certified internal auditor in the organization. Have also been provided certificates regarding some tata group social initiatives and some competitions.

Now the question is, is all of this sufficient to get into ISB, hyderabad ?
Also any other top college in india which I can look for?
Or I need to retake?

Suggestions will help a lot.



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Hi niks2492,

First off, a 710/Q49 is an outstanding score (it's right around the 90th percentile overall), so you should apply to any Business Schools that interest you. As such, a retest is probably not necessary. You're ultimately asking Admissions questions though, so you would likely find it beneficial to speak with an Admissions Expert about your overall profile. There's a Forum full of them here: ... t-f40.html

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