From 500 to 650 in one month

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From 500 to 650 in one month

by SamDGold » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:45 am

I would like to have a score of 650 for the GMAT and currently clock in at 500. I had planned to make the GMAT at the beginning of November.

Things that I struggle with

Verbal: I do well with RC and CR, but not so much with SC. I think I lack a proper strategy on how to tackle these - any advice?

Quant: Overall I think I can improve here in all categories. Geometery and roots is something that I struggle with, and high level questions regarding Rates, and Overlapping Sets.

Also, sometimes when I read a question it is not that clear what they want from me, but when I read the answer I see how easy it is. Any advice pertaining this?

Is such an increase possible in one month? I have the drive and the time to commit to the GMAT, but I think I lack a proper plan on how to reach my goal.


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by Bara » Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:21 pm
Hi Sam,

Improving 150 points is doable in that amount of time, but it's dependent on why you're getting things incorrect n the first place.

When you say you do well with RC and CR, what does that mean exactly?
And with regards to SC, how are you NOT doing well? What materials are you using? Are you a native American English speaker? Do you answer questions based on the rules of grammar intuitively, driven by meaning, or by following rules? ,

With Quant, improving all the categories would require a hefty amount of time over the next month. Are you planning to get support or do on your own? How much time can you dedicate to study? What materials will you be using? What study have you done so far?

In terms of sometimes reading question and not being clear what they want from you, but when reading the answer you understand it, I suspect you've not had enough exposure, practice and integration of prior tests. Again: what study have you done to date?

Why do you need this completed so soon?

Look forward to hearing more.

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