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Free Mindset Strategy Session with TPNY/TPSF

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Free Mindset Strategy Session with TPNY/TPSF

by Bara » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:45 pm
GMAT and GRE tests do not only measure what you know, these tests measure how well you take tests. Challenges with timing, anxiety, focus or a lack of confidence can seriously compromise a student's performance. Sound familiar? Well, there is help. serious help.

Test Prep New York and San Francisco provide an added value to traditional test prep: solutions to help you improve your emotional and psychological experience taking tests. In other words, we are to test takers what sports psychologists and trainers are to high performance athletes. And our techniques are often GAME CHANGER for students.

GMAT and GRE test-takers who are coached with our Full Potential modalities, meet with us up to 5 hours, only, typically online, and consistently see improvements on their scores up to 230 points: with NO (ZERO-ZILCH-NONE) content covered.

If you feel anxious, have a fear of failure, believe you're not a good test taker (and constantly tell others this), procrastinate, need more focus, or have an inner critic who won't shut up, or any emotional/physical reaction to study or taking your tests, this 20-minute consult can help you get on the path to being a stellar test taker, and get you out of your own way. This is way beyond recommendations of deep breathing and more intense study of material. We draw from hypnosis, energy work, neuro-linguistic programming, EFT/Tapping, EMDR, mindfulness, sound therapy and more. It's the big guns, and what you learn here, you can apply to a multitude of real-life situations: interviews, presentations, etc..

We're offereing free 20-minute consults to those who want a mindset upgrade an upcoming test. Sign up must happen by December 31st, but you can schedule your session anytime during 2018.

Look forward to making your next test day, your last one!

Register here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... g/viewform We look forward to speaking with you.
Bara Sapir, MA, CHt, CNLP
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