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eval. pls

Launched April 26, 2006
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eval. pls

by thunderdogg » Thu Dec 06, 2007 2:16 pm

So here are my stats: 690 GMAT (Q43 V41).
Graduated in Dec 2002 (took 4.5 years) with a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and a minor in business.

Overall GPA: 2.9 (i realize this is low)
My in major GPA was approx a 3.3
My in business minor GPA was approx a 3.5

And my GPA for my last 6 semesters (3 years) was a 3.31.

So you can conclude from this data that I got off to a rough start, but turned it on later.

Since graduation i've been working for the US dept of defense as a Nuclear Engineer and project manager. I am involved in major repair work for nuclear powered naval subs and surface ships.

Showing "promotions" is somewhat hard when you work for the govt because you just increase in your GS scale, so i'm not sure how i could discuss that. I have had a lot of increasing responsibilities over the last 4.5 years i've worked there, i guess that's the best way to show "promotions". I'm also one of only 3 green belt certified engineers (not karate, but lean 6 sigma green belt) and have been involved in various process improvement initiatives as well as my other engineering work.

I also started a small real estate investment and property management company (i guess i was just lucky, graduated from college at the right time to start buying properties) and currently own and manage 4 condos, 1 townhome, and 1 duplex in my area. I do all of the managment of these properties including finding tenants, maintaining the properties, etc... (i don't use a property management company). All of my properties rent for positive cash flow. Unfortunately running this real estate venture takes up a lot of my free time and i don't have a whole lot of other extra-c's. I also am in a small local band and play a few small shows every month.

I'm 27 and married.

My target schools are:

UVa, Georgetown, UNC chapel hill, William and Mary, and Carnegie Mellon.

I know CMU is a bit of a reach, my father is an alumni (not for his MBA though, just his undergrad degree) so i'm hoping for some legacy points?

What do you think of my chances at these schools, or any other?

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by Amy » Thu Dec 06, 2007 10:52 pm
Hi thunderdogg,

It sounds like you probably have good grades in quantitative classes like statistics, calculus and econ, correct? I agree that your GPA isn't amazing, but your GMAT is decent and it sounds like you have interesting work experience.

I think your target schools are reasonable and it's more about crafting your application overall, with essays that clearly show your goals and background and how an MBA fits in, along with highlighting leadership and management experiences you have had.

Good luck!

Stacy Blackman Consulting