EMPOWERgmat got me the boost I needed!

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EMPOWERgmat got me the boost I needed!

by ekress » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:22 am
If you are like I was and are wondering how to pull your score up and into the range of your target schools, consider this:

After 4-5 months of self-study, which became more regimented as test day got closer, I took my first stab at the GMAT and scored a 560. I have always been pretty lousy at standardized tests and was pretty devastated, but decided to let that score sit for a week and then see how I really felt. First, that score wasn't even in the ballpark for my target schools. Second, it was way lower, more than 100 points, than my practice CAT's. I found out about EMPOWERgmat on a forum here and figured, with a free day of access, to check it out. I explored the modules briefly to see if it jived with me... The next day I booked a GMAT appointment that was just over a month away (due to work/time constraints). In learning EMPOWER's tactics, I totally changed the way I approached the verbal section, my weakness, and began to get the hang of this new strategy. Max and Rich's tips and method provided me with a solid foundation upon which to continue with my studies.
When the month was up and it was test day again, I scored a 600. I was still not satisfied... Though I was happy with the improvement, I needed another 40 points to be in my top school's middle 80% range. I had to take a month off of everything GMAT related and focus on work. When I came back to focus on GMAT studying I took EMPOWER up on their 70-point guarantee, that they'd give me the $99 back or a free month of the course. What really did me in the second exam was not having the practice with the EMPOWER tactics, I just wasn't able to use them fast enough and was very crunched for time at the end of each section. I focused on this during my next iteration of study. When I took the GMAT again, I hit a 650! I was pretty happy with that, although my quant score dropped, my verbal jumped by over 15 points!

All I can say is, at the very least, you can try a day for free of EMPOWER and see if you like it. The price point is also very reasonable and they reference OG problems so the content is from the test makers. If I had another month, or even three, I would continue using their tactics to beat this test and try and break that 700 on the real thing.

Good luck!


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by [email protected] » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:13 am
Hi ekress,

That's fantastic news! Your improvement is all the more meaningful since you had to take a month 'off' from your studies (and that amount of time away often leads to GMAT skills fading). Now that you're in the competitive score range for the Schools that you're planning to apply to, you certainly focus on your applications. That having been said, if you'd like to take one more shot at the GMAT, then you should email/PM me and we can discuss your score results and what you might be able to do to squeeze out a few more points.

Congrats again on your successes so far!
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