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Done with the gmat!

Find out how Beat The GMAT members tackled GMAT test prep with positive results. Get tips on GMAT test prep materials, online courses, study tips, and more.
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Done with the gmat!

by tonabiyi » Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:37 pm
I wrote my GMAT December 15,2016 and I got a pretty decent 660..Q49,V31,IR 5,AWA 5. I am happy with my score as it meets the requirements for the schools I am applying to and would not be re-wrtiting the exam!
I really started my study Journey back in September. Studied about 2-3 hours a day and averaged about 10 hours a week. 2 weeks before my exam, however, I pretty much went flat out for about 8 hours day and a day before the exam i took it pretty easy and only did some revision work.
My initial study material was the Kaplan book and I read it cover to cover in about 4 weeks. Took all 5 tests that came with the book and 1 test from Veritas and 1 of the 2 GMAC tests.
Overall my advice to anyone preparing for the GMAT will be to use whatever text book you can lay your hands on and that works for some time but the kicker I find was using the GMATprepnow (https://www.gmatprepnow.com/learning-guide/study-tips) website. I signed up for it about 3 weeks before my exam and followed the outlined as much as i could. The videos were easy to follow and detailed, and in for certain topics the content was more robust than content in my text. I will also recommend doing the practice questions in order from the easy set to the more difficult sets. with the 3 weeks of using the gmatprepnow course I was able to improve my scores from 600 to 660. I'd also recommend you take loads and loads of practice questions over practice exams. Set a schedule and an agenda for practices each topic, a study plan for the GMAT goes a long way.

On exam day, i'd recommend having a nice hearty breakfast and bring some snacks and water with you. I also had earplugs with me and they helped a lot, it helped me tune out any noise of people walking in and out of the room or typing on the keyboards around me. Above all, I'd recommend coming in confident and calm, the GMAT is notoriously unforgiving for people who get flustered during the exam.
Goodluck to everyone and happy holidays!


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by ceilidh.erickson » Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:41 pm
Congratulations! I second your advice about bringing snacks: maintaining consistent blood sugar is very important for maximum brain energy!

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