Creating Your MBA Application Résumé

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Creating Your MBA Application Résumé

by MBAPrepCoach » Thu Oct 01, 2020 4:44 am
The Mantra: Succinct, But Complete

• Make sure every single word has a purpose.

• Use universal language instead of industry jargon.

• One page only for full-time MBA, two max for Executive MBA.

• Provide a one-line company description if needed.

• Also, provide a job scope statement under your role.

• Include accomplishment bullets that are one line, focusing on problems you solved and quantifiable achievements.

• If you don't have numbers, focus on something that speaks to human motivations, such as saving time or improving a process.

• Speak plainly. Make sure anyone from any industry is able to step into your resume and comprehend the value of what you have done.

• Adjust margins to your advantage, but leave room to breathe on the page. Pay attention to white space and how the reader will feel when they look at it. It should be inviting and have simple elegance.

• Include fun facts about yourself and demonstrate community leadership.
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