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Concern related to work visa after Second masters in USA

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I have a BE degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from India and MS in Telecomm degree from USA. Before moving back to india for good I worked in USA for about 2.5 years on OPT. After i moved back to india, i joined my family business ( manufacturing sector) and it account for around 2 year of work experience.

I am looking forward to apply in USA for tech MBA(Product management) full time program in R2 ( deadline 1st week Jan 2018). My main concern is work visa after i graduate.
As i have already used my opt, i won't be getting opt again after i graduate. So what all the options i might have if i want to work in USA once i graduate? Also if a company hire me and apply my H1, will i be able to work in the company till end of September as H1 gets active from October 1st ( assuming i get through H1 lottery)

Or should i apply in Canada or UK schools?

A quick response will be really helpful as R2 deadlines are approaching soon.

Thanks a lot in advance.