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Booth, Sloan, Stern & Darden ($$$) - Rajdeep Chimni revi

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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Hi, I am attending Booth and I would like to share my application experience and an Admissions Gateway review. I was in the technology sector and had a lot less than average work experience. With the goal of targeting the top-5 b-schools, I evaluated numerous consultants but the reason I chose to work with Rajdeep Chimni was that I felt he understood my background, my achievements and the challenges of being an international applicant. He was also recommended by a friend who got into Booth.

Rajdeep had a scientific approach to the entire process. He helped me hedge my risks by making me apply to 2 reach schools, 1 safe school and 2 dream schools. This gave me both a safety net in the top-10 while trying for the top-5.

My first challenge was the resume as it was extremely technical and Rajdeep taught me how to present my accomplishments in the larger scheme of things and in a more strategic manner. The numerous iterations that we went through also helped me figure out the highlights of my story. For young applicants I suggest showcasing your work experience in a mature manner and also explaining why now versus applying next year. For your essays I suggest do a lot of self reflection for behavioral essays and lot of first hand research for Why school related essays. Here Rajdeep's network at the top schools came in handy.

Apart from this Rajdeep helped me balance my work and applications even if it meant working late into the night or mostly over the weekends. He never compromised on quality. He stayed up till 1 am before a deadline and kept iterating drafts till the essays were good to submit.

Thanks to Admissions Gateway I got interview calls from 6 of the 7 schools with admits from 4 schools including MIT Sloan and Chicago Booth with $60,000 scholarship. (I got 12 times what I had paid for 5 schools back, great value beyond the admission). Given my years of work experience getting in was challenging but the scholarship was a bonus. I had a wonderful experience with Admissions Gateway and highly recommend them to anyone targeting the top schools.