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Beaten by GMAT - GMATPREP 710 - Actual test 570

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Beaten by GMAT - GMATPREP 710 - Actual test 570

Note: I posted the same thread in "I just beat GMAT!" forum also.
Hi guys,

Background -

I am from India, Engineer, around 6 year of experience in IT.

This is my progress report on tests.

MGMAT TEST 1 - 680
MGMAT TEST 2 - 700
MGMAT TEST 3 - 710
MGMAT TEST 4 - 720

GMATPREP 1 - 700 (Q49, V36) (three weeks before the test)
GMATPREP 2 - 710 (Q50, V36) (10 days before the test)
GMATPREP 1 (OLD GMATPREP software.) - 710 (Q49, V37) (four days before the test)

GMAT Focus tests: Test 1: 47-50
Test 2: 46-49

I took test on Wednesday and scored a mere 570 (Q45, v25). Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw the score.

I thought I will never ever take the test again. But my instincts are not allowing me to let go.

I spent around 14 months (tho not continuously) preparing for this test. I decided not to miss any concept. All the hard work went into drain. I am right where I was 1 and half years ago.

Till today I am not able to come to terms with what happed. I am not able to sleep and am not able to concentrate anything.

I am sounding emotional but I am partly/may be mostly to blame for this disaster. The night before the test I had sore throat and could not sleep properly. My legs were weak and kind of numb. Generally, these are the symptoms of fever for me. So, I took an antibiotic and kept on taking Tylenol every 4 hours till morning. I woke up in the morning and felt ok. But I contemplated few times whether to take the test or not. But then decided to get the exam off my back and decided to take the test. I swallowed a couple of Tylenols and an antibiotic and went to take the test. AWA went well. Then I raised my hand but the proctor did not respond. I had to say ‘excuse me’ to grab his attention. Then he came and by the time 2 minutes of my break was already over. Then went out grabbed the restroom keys from the receptionist (that’s how it was in this center) and then went to rest room. In the break I drank red-bull and took a Tylenol again and told myself, I have to give my best. I went back and tried to do the palm scan. We tried three times with different hands but the scanner could not verify me. It verified me on the fourth time. By the time I entered and started to write the Quant section, 5 mins and 45 seconds of the quant section had already elapsed. Then I stared to rush and the result is reflected in the score.

Then came the second break. Took the break. But I had a feeling that something went wrong in the Quant. I knew I did not do my best. But said let me give best atleast in verbal. When I tried to enter the hall the stupid palm scanner did not recognize me two time and it recognized me only on 3rd try and by the time I started verbal section, 2 mins of verbal section had already elapsed.

I would like to state that I did not write any essays while doing the practice tests but I made sure I took only 8 minutes of break. Also, while doing GMATPREP, I knew answers for few questions because I came across them either in OG or on forums.

Also, as I recollect now, I think I hardly used what I learnt while preparing in the actual test. I don’t remember having ever used any principles of CR (such as finding the conclusion, argument etc) or any principles of SC in the exam. I don’t know why. May be I was trying to make up for the lost time. I was so DUMB.

BTW, my 10th question in Verbal was boldface. So, I think the boldface myth is absolutely wrong.

I know all the above reasons might have affected my score but I think no reasons would justify a mere 570.

For some reason, my intuition is not allowing me to quit GMAT yet. Somewhere beneath my heart, I know I can do it. When I look at my practice test scores I think something went horribly wrong in the test but I am not able to figure out what it is.

Can experts guide me and help me with the answers to below questions:

1. What should I do now?
2. How do I make sure I make use of what I learnt in preparation in the exam? I think this is my biggest problem. If I can overcome this I can do well.
3. Now if I do GMATPREP tests or OG or MGMAT Tests, the scores will be inflated as I will remember answers to most of the questions. How do I forget all the answers?
4. How many months should I take break before re-attempting.
5. Finally, should I re-attempt at all.

Please help.

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17 Feb 2011
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Take it when you're healthy. I had the same experience with the SAT back in 2004. I scored a 1390/1600 first try, and wanted to improve on it my 2nd try, but showed up sick. Ended up with a 1280/1600.

I'm one of those guys that uses every single last second on my quant, has to guess on the last 2 questions, and still can't break 48.

If I had a few minutes docked off my quant due to technical difficulties, I would flip.

Retake it man. You'll do much better when you feel well. I promise.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead

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14 Feb 2012
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I've got pretty much the exact scores on the prep tests and I'm taking the exam on 26th (monday).
Thanks for sharing, good to know that the proctor and/or the palm scanner can both screw with one. Anyways i think you had a run of bad luck and under the circumstances, you could look at this as a test of your will power...to see if you can indeed "live to fight another day".
You seem to have the right attitude, i agree with sunman - Take it again when you're healthy and go the extra mile to ensure you will be in good health on the day of the exam especially! Eat light, sleep well, keep yourself calm and if you absolutely need to study, make it light refresher work or maybe read some flash cards or something. Prep-wise you can now make the decision of retaking it very soon or making an unhurried evaluation of when best to right...bottomline Do Not rush into it.

Hope this helps. All the best!

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