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Dear all

I wish to know about B schools in North America who have their own student loan program. Over the years funds have been a problem for international students, especially the requirement of a USA co signer.in such view, schools with own funds program may be of lot of help.

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by interviewbay22 » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:06 pm

The US business schools offering loans to International students without the need of a US co-signer happen to be very few and most of them are the top 20 schools. The loan covers only tuition so you will have to arrange for living expenses yourself.

Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Wharton, Chicago - Booth, NYU-Stern, MIT-Sloan, Northwesten, Dartmouth - Tuck, UCB - Haas, Duke - Fuqua, Virginia - Darden, Michigan Ross, Yale, Cornell, UCLA - Anderson, UNC - Kenan Flagler, Emory - Goizueta and Georgetown. International business schools include IE, IESE, Rotman, INSEAD.

In addition, the Global student Loan Corporation (GLSC) offers loans without a US Co-signer. The loan can cover your full tuition cost and also living expenses.

You can go through this article to know about the scholarships available to international students https://www.interviewbay.com/blog/25-sch ... l-students

Hope this helps

All the best
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by gautamkumar » Sun Nov 16, 2014 8:01 pm
Hi interviewbay22

Thanks for kind reply. It means the best are also the best in terms of making sure the students enroll.Good to see NYU stern in that list.