Are you stressed about the GMAT? Talk to us for $15

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Hi all,

I work for a startup called Confidently as the CMO out in Los Angeles. I did the GMAT back in 2009 in London (ended up at UCLA) and I remember it being SO stressful for me. Literally I would be getting up at 7am and studying till 10pm. I puked on the way to the test center and I was shaking when I got my results.

So I wanted to make an app to help test takers, on a daily basis, 'get into the zone', handle stress, feel more confident and happy through that time. We have sports psychologists and executives coaches creating material now. Think 'Calm' or 'Headspace' but for performance. We have raised some money and are building the app right now.

But then we wondered how much all of you test-takers would really need this. Were you are stressed as I was? Are we building a product that you want? What do you want?

So we decided the best idea was to talk to 100 of you to find out. To that end, I'm hoping that you might chat to me on the phone for 15 mins to tell her about how you are finding GMAT study life. I'm offering $15 Amazon gift card too for your time. This isn't a scam - you can look me up on LinkedIn - Nicky George - I've started a few companies.

If you want to talk to me book a time here directly and I'll call you for 15 mins from Skype!

Love you all and good luck!