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Alliance Manchester Business School Global MBA

Talk to current MBA students about life in MBA programs (not for app advice/discussion)
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If you are considering applying to the above school bear in mind that the global course is a poor relation to the full time MBA. The scheduling is designed to utilise facilities during holiday periods and the majority of teaching is undertaken by subcontractors. The support from student advisers and course tutors is poor. Immediately before exams you are forced to direct questions to a notice board that is not adequately monitored. My experiences have left me completely disillusioned. If I had my time again I would have done more research and selected a school that genuinely valued students trying to juggle work and academic commitments simultaneously. Initially I attended Manchester workshops with a feeling of enthusiasm but now each trip is like a routine visit to the milking parlour. You are not valued and the school collects fees with far more alacrity than it exhibits via teaching. Eventually the courses will be taught by bots and degrees will be issued via a self service till with no need for any human interaction. In fairness the bots are likely to do a better job than some of the tutors. The online tutorials are positively awful but great if you suffer from insomnia. The course is also anachronistic and fails singularly to accommodate entrepreneurial and New Economy issues. The module on financialization and globalisation uses a course text written by staff members that was published before the Great Financial Crisis. Who benefits I wonder? On the plus side I have met some fellow students that I respect and admire from across the world. Think long and hard before you make your choice. Good luck.

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Thanks for sharing. Appreciate your opinion.