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Admitted to STANFORD and IIM Ahemdabad: Reviews PYTHAGURUS

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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Thank you for all the support during the entire admission process, from step-0 i.e. GMAT prep to the final interview with the schools.

Please let me know if below testimonial is succinct, clear, and using proper grammar, in short, if it complies with Jatin's standards.

I started my MBA journey with pythaGURUS in the year 2015 when I enrolled in GMAT training classes. I had tanked one GMAT test and my mission was to improve my GMAT score this time.

I was very impressed with the teaching methodology and delivery of content at pythaGURUS. My verbal was weak and fortunately, I found a teacher like Jatin who is just amazing in delivering verbal. He has been a top scorer at GMAT himself, thanks to his tireless work ethic, and he expects the same commitment, hard work, and sincerity from each of his students.

The standard that he set and his constant hammering, has been very useful for a person like me who spent more than 12 hours in the office and was married and had a 6-year-old child.
Jatin was very disciplined in following up on my progress. He asked me to take 2 full-length tests every day few days before the exams to develop the momentum and speed. Everything fell into right place and I got a score I was targeting.

Admission Prep
I was specifically targeting top programs and identified Stanford, MIT Sloan, London Business School and IIMA-PGPX. Jatin and I both were a bit apprehensive about these top-rated schools about whether or not my profile was good enough for them. Jatin warned me that I would have to work very hard if I was targeting such schools. While he said that to me, I knew that he said something similar to himself. We decided to apply only in R1 for all the schools to improve the chances and started the exercise.

For the application, we worked really hard. Many times I got Jatin's comments (sometimes totally shredding my essays) at midnight within a few hours of my sending the draft. After several revisions, we submitted applications for IIM, Stanford, and London. MIT was a bit far in the process.

London Business School
I got the interview call from London, for which Jatin and I worked for several hours preparing. It was all good, except that I made a mistake of taking the call on my Vodafone mobile connection. After 2 dropped calls, I could sense the frustration in the interviewer and she could very well feel a high level of anxiety in me. My nervousness caused me two mistakes in my response and as expected I was dinged in London. But perhaps, everything happens for a reason.

We worked even harder for the IIM-A interview. Jatin reviewed each and every possible question several times starting from short-term/long-term goal to why MBA / why school etc. My interview with IIM was one of the best interviews of my life.
As expected, IIM-A sent an acceptance letter. A decision from Stanford was awaited at this time.

We were super serious while working on the Stanford essays. We spent hours together on the deadly "what matters most to you, and why?" and other essay questions. That essay is more spiritual than factual. And Jatin asked me to do just that. My God was smiling on me and Stanford sent me an interview invite.
By now we were prepared to handle regular interview questions and also the Stanford and program specific questions, thanks to the timely networking. The interview went very well, and I did not make a mistake to rely on a mobile connection. A few weeks later, December 9th, 2015, I received the acceptance letter from Stanford. It was no less than a dream coming true for me.

I did not proceed with my MIT application after this acceptance.

Jatin knows really well how to bring out the best in people. In addition, he works harder than the applicant, sets an example and inspires applicant to take the plunge. Of course, he is not a magician. But to the applicants, who are willing to give their best, the results are no less than a magic.