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Accounting -> MBA Profile Evaluation

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syousuf3 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
20 Apr 2016
5 messages

Accounting -> MBA Profile Evaluation

Post Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:07 am
Accounting -> MBA profile Evaluation

by ShayanY718 Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:31 pm

Hi I would love to get thoughts on the competitiveness of my profile.


Age: Recently turned 24
Sex: M
GPA: 3.1ish (general upward trend with really low 2.75 in final year)
Ugrad: Top Canadian School (Bachelors in Accounting)
GMAT: Projecting 690-720 (Aim will be for higher)

2 years post ugrad and 8 months internship experience in well known Pharma company (Pfizer, Bayer, GSK) in various accounting / finance roles. Despite having no formal management rotational program for my company in Canada , I have been able to gain exposure and experience in varying roles. I started as a Credit Analyst for 7 months and then shifted to Financial Analyst (budget planning) for 7 months and now have been working as Fixed Asset Accountant for past 10 months. I will be starting a new role in the next month as General Accountant (cost accounting). I have taken on increased responsibilities during my positions and can further elaborate if necessary. I am also pursuing my CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designation which I should have completed my work experience requirement for by summer 2017 (Exams completed).

Management Experience:
On a high level I have led teams of 3 - 4 people for the entire Fixed asset inventory count for two legal entities across multiple offices/plants in Canada. Also was lead on internal control process change for capitalization of tax costs to capital assets and led the training to colleagues in the Shared Service Center. I am also managing an intern student for a 6 month period but that is the extent of my management experience due to very limited headcount and the majority of transactional accounting being performed in shared service centers overseas.

Received company Award from Tax Dept for exceptional performance on Capital Asset Review Engagement ($500)

I am a mentor for a Student Organization in my undergrad business school and help current students to navigate through their professional careers and answer questions etc. Also I regularly attend Networking Sessions at the school with other Alumni to help the students develop necessary skills for the business world.
I am also an executive member of Not for profit organization that helps build food baskets for the local community (this past year built over 1000 baskets). I am also a volunteer with national cancer foundation and will become a team lead volunteer in the near future for the different events that we organize during the year.

Target Schools:
Western Ivey

Post MBA Goals:
I would like to use the MBA as a bridge to shift my career from accounting to management consulting. I want to leverage my background to shift towards more high level corporate strategy. I realize there is a gap in my current skill set / knowledge and the MBA will help ease the transition. I networked and made a conscious effort to gain broad experience within my company so that I am dynamic and will have different experiences to draw on in my MBA and post MBA career.

Questions / Concerns
My biggest concern is my gpa as my last year was really low. I will write the optional essay to explain the circumstances around why my performance was so poor. I am hoping that since I passed my professional exams that it might help offset any concerns regarding my intellectual capabilities. I will likely build an alternate transcript with a couple of quant courses. Also even though my changes in position seem lateral, my pay from starting till now has doubled so does that help show progression or no?

I know I am a little early as I do not plan to apply till most likely 2018 but are the schools on my list attainable for my profile ( yes there are some clear reaches and I will need to add couple of safer schools too). What elements of my profile can I strengthen to increase my chances at schools in the 10-20 range. Thanks for all the help!

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CriticalSquareMBA Legendary Member
18 Apr 2013
1088 messages
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51 members
Post Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:10 pm
Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your background with us. Without a 730+ GMAT, your GPA makes schools like Fuqua, Johnson, and Stern a bit tough. I would put these in the stretch category. With a strong story and the right framing of your leadership capacity, I think you can target one of them along with the others on your list. Your odds are different at each school depending on how well your story meshes with their strengths. We wish you the best of luck in your application in the coming years. Hope you kill the GMAT and can build your leadership experiences both at your firm and in your community. If you think you can benefit from our services, we'd love to chat when the time is right.

Critical Square | MBA Admissions Services

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We love helping! Was this post helpful to you? Thank us and let me know!

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