710 - Q47 V41

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710 - Q47 V41

by rkp2125 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:34 pm
Background: 2017 Ivy League Graduate, Student Athlete, 3.5gpa, Working in Finance

I wanted to take the GMAT right out of college to keep my options open as I started my career. I did not want to pay thousands of dollars for a GMAT course if there was a similar alternative for a better price, so I tried the EmpowerGMAT course after some research.

I really liked the Empower course because they teach you how to attack each question and exploit its weaknesses. This aggressive test-taking style appealed to me as it kept everything exciting and engaging. The video lessons are very clear and thorough, making sure you understand each little step on the way to choosing your final answer. In short, they teach both the conceptual basis behind each question as well as a strategy on approaching the question.

On my initial diagnostic test that I took without any preparation I scored a 540. My goal, like many GMAT test-takers, was a 700+. After 3 months of preparation with the Empower course I was able to score a 710 on the first try. I firmly believe that anyone who works diligently to truly understand every lesson in the Empower course should be able to attain a 700 or higher. The Empower course gives you the blue-print, all you have to do is follow all their advice! Highly recommend.


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by [email protected] » Tue Oct 17, 2017 10:09 am
Hi rpham123,

That's OUTSTANDING news! With a 710, you can comfortably apply to any Business Schools that interest you. From what you describe, it sounds like you 'banked' this score now so that you can use it later. Focusing on the GMAT now - without having to worry about application deadlines - was a real smart choice. Continuing to make smart choices will be key to your overall goals (I'm assuming that you'll be applying to some competitive Business Schools at some point), so while you might not need the service right now, I would recommend that you consult with an Admissions Expert once you plan to apply. As an EMPOWERgmat Alum, we have a specific Expert who we recommend (and we can set you up with a free consultation, if you're interested).

1) Have you thought about when you might apply to Business School and the specific Schools/Programs that you might apply to?

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