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My GMAT story started mid last year and I was hopefully able to retake it and get a good 700 score which allowed me to get admission into top MBA programs.

The first time I took the test I only self studied using the GMAT official guide and I was able to get a respectable 670 (Q49 V33). My main weakness was the way I approached quant (too much complex maths and I wasn't fast/efficient enough on most standardized questions), and on the verbal side I lacked a proper strategy (I had the bad habit of not properly eliminating answers and just selecting the one I though that fitted the best)

EMPOWER-GMAT was a huge game changer. I knew that for my second try I had to take a good, structured course that would go through all the core content and specially teach strategy regarding elimination of wrong answers.

EMPOWER definitely excels at this last topic: its triage tips, and strategies specially for sentence correction, allowed me to improve 30 points (all in verbal, going from V33 to V37). This was also done only over the course of 1 month.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. The only positive criticism that i have is that I believe it lacks a bit more difficult excercises (700+) on the quant side.

Thank you very much EMPOWER for my 700 GMAT which has allowed me to gain admissions at Kellogg, INSEAD and LBS!


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by [email protected] » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:34 am

That's OUTSTANDING news on a number of different fronts! While your 670 was already a strong score, this 700 is a noteworthy improvement - AND it helped you gain admission to 3 exceptional Schools! Your ability to learn new Tactics, adapt and improve will serve you well in Business School and beyond. Have you decided which School you're going to attend?

Congrats again on all of your successes so far!

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