6.0 essay on 1st try -- contemplating SKIP on 2nd..

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Hey friends. I was fortunate to achieve a 6.0 on my 1st effort on GMAT essays but faltered on the Math and Verbal sections and scored lower than I was capable of. I know the GMAC is deleting one of the essays for this new Integrated Reasoning section or whatever.

So I feel that if there ever were a time where it may be acceptable to just chalk up the essays (leave them blank) this would be it. I'd like to be fresher for the Math and Verbal sections. I'd be more than happy to explain myself should any admissions officer ask me about why I didn't complete the essays. I was curious if some fellow students and or experts had any thoughts on this play? Thank you so much and Happy Holidays


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by vineeshp » Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:49 am
It is not a great idea.

Everyone wants a better score and if you skip that section, the Adcom will Flag you as someone who is unwilling to take the test in its full form. You got a 6 once, no reason you cant do it again.
Just telling you what I know and think. I am not the expert. :)