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4 Admits and 3.2 Crores Pythagurus Reviews MBA Consulting

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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Hello everyone, I am Salika and am writing to share my reviews for Pythagurus. I worked with Jatin on 5 schools and have 4 admits with a total scholarship of 3.17 crores( USD 500,000) . Every school I applied to came back with an admit and a strong financial aid( some schools with tuition and insurance and some with tuition and living). My initial drafts of almost all the essays were rejected by Jatin- like, not a change of flow or language but the stories were rejected- . he will also ask you to not accept his drafts readily and is very open to changes and alterations. It was important for me as that allowed me to write freely- I could actually experiment a lot. He maintains a two way communication to let the essay evolve with iterations. My reasons for "WHY THIS SCHOOL" were rejected outrightly and the entire learning curve was very very steep. There is no limit to the drafts. We did not lie on any of the essays. there was no exaggeration but I realised that I was picking very wrong stories initially. But He completely changed the pressure points- The whole story building was magical. I also want to add another important point. He was blunt in the interview prep. Will get to the point quickly and tell you to shut up if you are just rambling and not communicating. I was also a GMAT Student in Pythagurus before starting with him for admissions consulting services and I know a lot LOTTTT of students in Pythagurus who have gone to top Schools across the world and I know Jatin I will definitely encourage you to speak with him. if he cannot do something for you he will not over promise. It was a great experience working with him.