What are my likely business school options?

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Undergrad: State school. 3.2 GPA.
Law School JD: Top 6 but not top 3 law school. ALMOST top 1/3. 0.1 short of graduating with honors.
Law School Tax LLM: One of the top tax programs. 3.8+ GPA.
LSAT: 172 (taken)
GMAT: 760 (taken, think I could do 780 if I study a bit more)
Age: Older than most I assume. 40.

Work experience: 4 years at big 4 M&A and International Tax (technically M&A but worked a lot Int Tax assignments). Promoted twice in that time. Played poker professionally for a long time before going back to finish undergrad then going to get a JD.

Very limited leadership experience in school. Was student government rep and debate team treasure/VP for a year but then just stopped and dedicated my free time to playing poker/blackjack

Goals: MBB/Big 4 type of strategic/management consulting. Although I have done really well in tax advisory and have moved consistently in the direction of modeling and M&A deals, I want to take the last step and basically go all in on the business side of things. Truth be told, I always suspected this would end up being the case. But with no work experience I couldn't get into any decent MBA program so I just went to the best law school I could get into on the strength of my LSAT.

What schools could I realistically get into? Reach schools? Does it help that my law school also has a top-tier MBA program? I also can get recommendation letters from some of the professors at the business school from my law school alma mater. (I took some business classes at the business school.) Would that help?

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With your age and experience, you should target top-notch EMBA programs. Various aspects of your profile such as GMAT 760, Law School JD (top 6 school), and 4 years at big 4 M&A make your profile desirable to the EMBA programs.

As you are aspiring to join the world of strategic/management consulting, I would highly recommend INSEAD Global EMBA program. That's the best EMBA program in the world. If you are looking for programs within US, then some of the best options are: Wharton EMBA, Duke Fuqua Global EMBA, Kellogg EMBA and Berkeley EMBA programs. You can also look at Columbia EMBA program. But CBS as a school immensely focus on academics. I am not sure how they will look at the gap in your acads. Hence, I will not recommend that. The Chicago Booth program is a quant based program. As you have worked in Tax consulting and got promoted twice, I believe that Booth will also be a good choice for you.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any question.