Is GMAT score of 600 reasonable to apply to top 10 or top 20

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My practice and real GMAT is not going upwards, I am hard worker which shows from GPA but standardized test a different thing for me.
Any detailed explanation would help.
Should I just apply to schools in 20-30 range and not waste my money on applications and forget the dream of being in top schools.

Students who have low gpa compensate it with high gmat but if I can't get high gmat am I at disadvantage or my gpa and work experience can help.

Please advise.

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by [email protected] » Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:50 am
You should look at the GMAT score ranges of the schools you are interested in to see where you fall. A score of 600 is on the low end for top tier schools and will definitely be a challenge for you to overcome. Your GPA helps but you will also need to truly differentiate yourself (ie. entrepreneurship, unique skillset/ interests, etc.) to stand out from other applicants. As you probably know, MBA admissions has become increasingly competitive over the past few years so you need to demonstrate that you are not an average applicant.
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