Quirky GMAT Quant/Verbal difference - not answered yet

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I just took the GMAT, and I got a 740, consisting of a 43 (70%) on the quantitative section and a 49 (99%) on the verbal section. I just graduated from a top ten Ivy League school with a 3.86 GPA in Philosophy, and I took a bunch of quantitative courses: Calculus (A), Economics (A), Introduction to Statistics (A+), Introduction to Accounting and Finance (A+), and Chemistry (A). I am starting a job in June at a top ten investment bank in equity research, and I don't plan on applying to b-school for at least a couple of years.

Given my quantitative coursework and quantitative job, should I retake the GMAT with the hope of reaching 80% on the quantitative section? (I prepared a lot for the test already, and I do think I could do better than 70% but I am by no means a certain 80%.)



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by VP_MBA_Guru » Tue May 13, 2008 12:03 pm
Hi Josh,
I would not recommend retaking the GMAT. You have already demonstrated strong analytical skills from your undergrad coursework. Moreover, your work experience in ER will add more Quant skill evidence to your candidacy.


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