Please Evaluate My Profile

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Please Evaluate My Profile

by jfr5 » Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:39 am
Hi- just took my gmat looking to apply round 1 2011 -target schools and profile below. Just wondering what my chances are at the different schools and if I should expand my or shorten my list.

Graduated 2009 Northwestern University
GPA 3.3
GMAT 710 quant 47 ( 77%) verbal 41(92%)
Egyptian American
Working for 1.5 years (2 years when I apply) at a top consulting firm - 3 years when I start
Focused on healthcare consulting-looking to focus my MBA on healthcare and operations/management
volunteer in my community and I hold two leadership roles (board) outside of my job role

Target Schools
University Chicago

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by [email protected] » Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:44 am
Hi jfr5 -

It is my opinion that you have a good shot at being admitted to one of the schools you listed. They are competitive and at this level of school it is very important to have strong LORs and a strong application. But, assuming you can pull those together, I think you will be a strong candidate.

My only "concern" is your experience may be a little bit light. You will need to make sure to clearly explain why it is the right time (rather than waiting another year) and your recommenders will need to stress your professional skill set as well (particularly in the areas of leadership and management as these are areas that you often aren't exposed to until later).

Lastly, I think seven schools is too many. I'd pick 4 to apply to for the first round and then maybe another one or two in the second round. Putting together a strong application is time consuming for you, but, more importantly, it is asking a lot of your recommenders. You'll want to be respectful of their time so that they can put in the necessary effort (my husband wrote an LOR for an employee last year that had to answer 8 questions and was at least 8 pages long!). Personally, I'd keep two or three of the first four and then two of the second three (with potentially the other in round 2).

Good luck!
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