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Using OG2015, should I get OG2018?

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Using OG2015, should I get OG2018?

by TargetMBA007 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:24 pm

I am preparing to take GMAT end of Dec, I am currently using OG 2015, as I just happened to have a new copy in hand. However, I wonder if much has changed and if it would give any real value in getting OG2020? Also, It seems there are OG's focused on just quants and verbal as well, are these worth it, or would it be better to stick to one OG and focus my time on online tests/materials instead? So far, I have found the quality of solutions in the OG (Base don the diagnostic tests to be relatively poor compared to the solutions available online for the same questions)



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by Rich.C@EMPOWERgmat.com » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:20 am
Hi TargetMBA007,

While the 'format' of the GMAT changed in 2018, the overall subject matter that is tested has not. Thus, working through the GMAT2015 Official Guide should be fine (and you don't need to purchase the GMAT2020). That having been said, while the OG books are great sources for practice questions, but they're not designed to teach you Tactics, patterns or the little 'secrets' behind the GMAT - for those, you'll need Course-oriented materials. As such, you might want to work on the OG a little later on in your studies.

Before I can offer you any additional advice for your studies, it would help if you could provide a bit more information on how you've been studying and your goals:

1) How long have you studied? How many hours do you typically study each week?
2) What study materials have you used so far?
3) On what dates did you take EACH of your CATs/mocks and how did you score on EACH (including the Quant and Verbal Scaled Scores for EACH)?

4) What is your overall goal score?
5) When is your exact Test Date?
6) When are you planning to apply to Business School?
7) What Schools are you planning to apply to?

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Hi TargetMBAA007,

It’s been a few months since we have heard from you. Did you end up taking your GMAT?

Scott Woodbury-Stewart
Founder and CEO


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