From 700 to 730

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From 700 to 730

by Sswarn » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:31 am

After 2 months of preparation, My GMAT Prep Scores were 690 and 740 . Actual GMAT Score ,700, was not what I was expecting. I think the most important issue with me was the jitters because of time. In prep exam you have an option to pause and even if you give a wrong answer, its not the end. But during exam i just froze.

So i decided to give it a shot another time .I had a ton of material but that was not the issue. Issue was the explanations and logic for most of the problems were not logical rather needed to be crammed. Although end result is same but the approach was all wrong. So i knew I need to approach the questions rightly.

So I started going through Online courses and finally decided to choose E-gmat. I wasn't disappointed at all as not only each and every topic is covered logically but the approach used is very efficient.
1)First important thing I learnt was that you should definitely know why right answer is right but its also important to know why a wrong answer is wrong, With approach provided by E-gmat, I was able to do that.
2) Second most important thing is ton of queries I used to have and not a solid answer. That gap was also closed by E-gmat. They not only emphasize on right approach but make sure that they don't spoon-feed you but rather you are the one who should understand what is wrong with his/her analysis.

3)A Large set of practice questions in Scholaranium help you identify your weak areas so that you can focus more on them.

4) I used to flag the questions i used to do wrong and then approach them based on their categories, which helped me target my base understanding which was at fault not just individual question

5)It's important to solve as many questions as possible but its more important to analyse what you have solved. Even if you solve 20 ques a day, you should know each and every possible thing about them such as topics covered, your mistake areas, any lack in logic or just time pressure. A thorough understanding will help you in long term as you are less likely to repeat that mistake again.

I think all of the above factors gave me a better understanding and more confidence during exam. Earlier I used to struggle with time in Verbal as quant was strong so no issues there. But with this preparation, I finished my verbal 5 min before .

TakeAway: Definitely there are lot of material available online to help you prepare but if you are struggling with right and logical approach i would recommend to look for right coaching such as EGMAT. Make a detailed timesheet on how will you cover your preparation. Make sure not to focus on number of questions you solved rather on how you solved them. Don't worry about the timing. With enough practice, it won't be an issue.