620, what are the chances for HBS or Cambridge?

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I took GMAT almost a week ago and I am planning to apply for Fall 2011. Following are some details:

Quant: 42
Ver : 33
GMAT: 620 (70th Percentile)
Highest qualification: masters in communications engineering

Work experience (by Aug 2011): 27 months as test engineer in telecom, 7 months as team lead in the same field

My target business schools are preferably in English speaking countries (UK or US)

In particular, what are my chances for HBS, Cambridge, or Stanford? Has anyone with same score range already been accepted by these universities. The middle 80% range of these universities is far ahead of my score. Would you recommend to retake GMAT in order to apply for these universities?

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by karanrulz4ever » Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:57 am
If you are not ready to compromise on the choice of your schools, it is prudent to retake the test and try to increase your score.But B schools look at the overall application, of which GMAT is just one part.