Low Quant, High Verbal...and Econ Background

Figure out where you wish to apply
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Hi! This is another low quant/high verbal post, but with an educational component that I haven't seen posted often.

I had a 44V (98%)/39Q (35%)/680 Total on the GMAT, which I know isn't good. I don't think that more practice will result in a higher score. I've had trouble with timing and being flustered throughout my practice and on the exam. However, I do have a master's from a top 10 school that required quite a lot of math (economics, econometrics, finance), and did ok (3.67 GPA in quant classes). Ironically, I satisfied the requirements for the quantitative methods specialization. I also passed the CFA Level I exam on my first try. My first job out of school was also quantitative, which one of my recommendations will address.

I plan to concentration in operational risk management or something similar. I'm having trouble knowing where I will be competitive and am wondering if programs ranked in the 15-50 range are out of reach. I'm thinking UT Austin, Emory, Vanderbilt and University of Washington on the high end.

Any advice would be appreciated!